Home: Program Director's News-Views, Student News, Recent Events, 3 auto slideshows of our student-staff activities, events & performances; updated monthly.

Event Videos - YouTube: Photo-Video-Text coverage of recent Cedar Hill CDC-Boonton, NJ's K-6 After-School & Summer Camp major events, activities, performances & fundraisers.

10th Anniversary Newsletter: Winter/Spring 2011: Cedar Hill CDC celebrates 10th year after 2 tough funding years with a leaner, but brighter, more financially sound future ahead for our kids-in-need.

Director's Welcome: Tim O'Donnell welcomes visitors to Cedar hill CDC-NJ After-School's 10th anniversary of founding, its goals met and promising future for 10 more years.

Core Programs: After-School/Summer Camp/40, K-6 students; high quality, well structured programs stressing learning-confidence building-social interaction-exercise.

History and Mission: History/Mission since 2000 of Cedar Hill CDC After-School/Summer Camp Programs for K-6 & Cornerstone Programs for their low-income, working parents.

New School Year: We’ve begun our 10th consecutive year of the Cedar hill CDC-NJ After-School Program with a younger, more diverse class of eager, excited students

Staff and Board: Names/titles list of Cedar Hill CDC-NJ staff, board members, mentors, instructor/volunteers and Executive Director, Program Director biographies

Our Volunteers: Cedar Hill CDC-NJ volunteer opportunities, thanks for all volunteer’s past and present support and photos of recent volunteer activities and projects.

Next Events/Calendars: Next scheduled events at Cedar Hill CDC-NJ including: student performance announcements and scheduled activities, and annual fundraiser events

Special Events: Field trips to farm-bowling-swimming-parks, summer camp specials, visitor presentations, holiday events and student’s ethnic/cultural observances

Junior Mentors: The majority of our Junior Mentors are graduates of our programs who “know-the-ropes” and provide an indispensable bridge to our present students

Annual Fundraising Events: Golf, Theatre and Dinner events are our annual, major fundraising events that supplement our many individual, foundation, church & organization donors

In the News: Cedar Hill CDC Taekwondo Class press release & NeighborNews stories of Hennion/Walsh sponsored Christmas Party & NJ Fireman’s Home student caroling

Blogs & Web Links: Blogs and web links of former CDC Executive Director, Meredith Tilp & blog of former employee, Rut Mulero; now on 2nd tour as Peace Corps.Volunteer

Contact Us: Contact information, directions to Cedar Hill CDC, Boonton, NJ, student services provided and John Hill & School Street Schools website links

Donations: Donation appeal with PayPal link, a basic donations wish list and the Mountain Lakes Craig School 2nd student donation drive presentation video

Feedback: Form for Cedar Hill CDC website visitors to enter comments, name and email address and submit to the CDC’s email address

Video & Image Gallery: 10 Videos of location, special activities & events and 3 Photo Galleries - total video duration 33:59

Video Visit: Boonton area, John Hill and School Street Schools, St. John's rented facilities, typical After-School day, field trips, special Summer Camp day - duration 04:36

Video: 2010 Recognition Day Student Awards - duration 09:05

Video: 2010 Recognition Day Student Entertainers - duration 05:47

Video: 7th Annual Golf Benefit - duration 08:12

Video: Benefit performance of The Producers - duration 06:48

Video: 3rd Annual Fashion Show - duration 09:42

Video: 6th Annual Christmas Concert Finale - duration 02:20

Video: Mrs. "B's" 2009 Halloween Puppet Show - duration 14:30

Video: Mrs. "B's" 2009 Halloween Party - duration 06:30

Video: 2009 Martial Arts Training - duration 11:30

Video: The Craig School Donation - duration 01:59

All videos total duration 01:55:03 hr:min:sec