A Message to New
and Old Friends
of Cedar Hill CDC

Many of our long term friends of the CDC are frequent donors, who also participate in our fundraising events that support our nuturing and enriching After-School and Summer Camp Programs.

These programs for our kids-in-need play a major role in leveling the playing field with their more affluent classmates.

We provide the one-on-one attention, close-knit mentoring, computer and performing arts skills that build self esteem, confidence and the desire to succeed and excel.

Unlike the traditional school, with a new teacher each year, our staff, volunteers and mentors interact daily with our students over a period of years.

These are years of a secure environment with the rich opportunity to grow into the leaders of the next generation on an equal footing with their peers.

Please consider making a donation of any amount you are able to invest in a child's future, by clicking the donate button below to pay by credit card or PayPal on the secure PayPal system.

You will receive a receipt by email for your tax deductible donation to the non-profit Cedar Hill CDC. Our Tax ID Number is: 22-3712958. Thank you.

2012-2009 Videos and Slideshows

We invite all of our donors and event attendees to join us in our St. Johns Episcopal Church rented home on 226 Cornelia Street, any afternoon between 3:00pm and 6:00pm on days when the Boonton schools are open. Come to see our high-spirited kids and programs in action, and receive the heartfelt thanks of our grateful and very appreciative children.

2012 Videos

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List of Slideshow and Video Links

Cedar Hill CDC NJ 2011 Xmas Party

2011 Angel Tree Christmas Concert

The Season of Caroling with the 2011 Mt. Lakes High School Choir

The Ginger Bread House Party

Jada's Dance From 2011 4th Annual Talent Show

A Memorial Day 2011 tribute song Fifty, Nifty United States

2011 4th Annual Fashion Show

Mrs. "B's" Puppet Pals

The Ron Owens Magic Show Video

2011 2nd Annual Best of the Chefs Video

2011 1st Annual Art Show Video

Art With Isabelle and Randall Slideshow

Art With Isabelle and Randall Video

Mrs. “B's” 2010 Halloween Slideshow

Mrs. “B's” 2010 Halloween Video

2009/2010 School Year Videos

Cedar Hill CDC NJ
2011 Xmas Party

This 11:26 min:sec video is the last of the 2011 Christmas Season and stars the Real Santa Claus, along with the Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Mt. Lakes High School who brought gifts for each of their "Littles." Additional gifts were provided by RFL Electronics in Boonton, and Key Club members from Mt. Lakes High School.

2011 Angel Tree
Christmas Concert

This 26:34 min:sec video is the 1st half of The 2011 Angel Tree Christmas Concert with the CedarHill 1st through 4th grade children singing carols and playing the clarinet and flute.

The children also sing with the Mt. Lakes High School Choir in the next video of the concert 2nd half, titled The Season of Caroling.

The Season of Caroling

This 9:56 min:sec video is of the Mt. Lakes High School Choir, under the direction of Dr. Chuck Sundquist, singing 5 Christmas carols, and a finale with the Cedar Hill CDC Choir, under the direction of Ron Owens, singing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town.

Tne Ginger Bread
House Party

This 5:16 min:sec video is of a party hosted by the Mt. Lakes High School Big Brothers/Big Sisters for the Cedar Hill CDC students they mentor. The "Bigs" as they're known, show the "Littles" how to decorate 3 Ginger Bread Houses they supplied, in addition to serving snacks and visiting with their "Littles."

Jada's Dance

This 4:26 min:sec video is an original dance choreographed by 8 year old Jada and performed by Jada and her 6 classmates.

Fifty Nifty United States

Four Nifty, young ladies from School Street School in an excerpt from our 2011 Golf Event; sing a rousing tribute to Memorial Day in this 02:51 min:sec video.

Great job Bianca, Kotton, Erica and Ilana!!!

4th Annual Fashion Show

Our glamorous, young models confidently walk the red carpet in this 24:15 minute video taped on May 6, 2011 in the Boonton Rec Center.

Our girls model School Wear to Glim Glam Wear in Meet Me On the Red Carpet.

Mrs. "B's" Puppet Pals

Our multi-talented Program Director's superbly performed 31-1/2 min puppet show video was recorded on April 29, 2011 in the Sunday school room of St. John's Episcopal Church.

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The Ron Owens Magic Show Video

For legal reasons, this is not a YouTube Video and is a special edition of Ron Owens's performance of his Cedar Hill CDC magic show on March 16, 2011.

This 19 minute performance is an excerpt of his show for our K-3rd grade students. Ron previously performed for our 4th-6th grade students.

2nd Annual Best of the Chefs Video

This year's dinner featuring 9 of our fine, local restaurants was held again in The Mountain Lakes Club on Feb 28th.

As before, the food was delicious, plentiful and with great variety. The fundraising event was a success socially as well as financially thanks to our wonderful donors and guests.

1st Annual Art Show Video

This 15 min video is from our Feb 11th 1st Annual Art Show held in the Boonton Recreation Center featuring art by our K-6 students, and is a culmination of work begun in the slideshow and video below.


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Art With Isabelle and Randall

This 20 image slideshow, with photos by Margarethe Lorenzi, contains images from the same session as the video below, and images from another session's musical performance of Peter and the Wolf by Isabelle and her fellow Mountain Lakes High students.

Art With Isabelle and Randall Video

This 15 min video is of one of Isabelle's art classes as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award Project.

Her guest, professional artist Randall Elliot, lectures about color and assists Isabelle in the workshop session with our students.


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Mrs. "B's" 2010
Halloween Slideshow

This 20 image slideshow contains images from the party snack session prior to the video below.

Mrs. "B's" 2010
Halloween Video

This 6:02 min:sec video was taped during Mrs. "B's" annual Halloween Party in Saint John's Episcopal Church undercroft on Oct 30th.

It was a bit too scary for two of our students, but they quickly recovered.

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2009/2010 School Year Videos

2010 Camp Talent
Contest Performance

This 5:34 min:sec original dance performance, choreographed by camp counselor Sami St. Juste, was for parents and friends.

The original performance placed 3rd in the camp-wide Talent Contest earlier in the day.

The 2010 Tae Kwon Do
Kid's Exhibition

A 9:28 min:sec video exhibition by the students of Andrew Jennings' 2nd year Tae Kwon Do class on the stage of Boonton Recreation Center on June 4, 2010. The students received their orange belts, having passed Volunteer Instructor Jennings' test in late May.

2010 Recognition Day
Student Awards

A 9:05 min:sec video of student awards recognizing what they are best known for by staff and other students.

Many students were absent for their John Hill School graduation to Boonton Middle School.

2010 Recognition Day
Student Entertainment

A 5:47 min:sec video of our June 2010 2nd Annual Recognition Day during which a group of our School Street School girls entertained our staff and volunteer honorees.

7th Annual Golf Benefit

An 8:12 min:sec video of our May 27, 2010 fundraising event at the Knolls Country Club in Parsippany with scenes from the registration desk, luncheon, golf cart parade and on the course and putting green.

Benefit Performance of
The Producers

A 6:48 min:sec video of our 2010 Barn Theater Benefit theater goers and a presentation by our Executive Director, Tim O'Donnell and our Program Director, Bridget Burke-Weiss (in costume as a star of the show).

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