Volunteer Opportunities

• Be Crafty- Come with your favorite craft ready to share & create 20 projects with groups of 5 to 6 children-we will supply extra staff support.

• Homework Tutoring: Help a child Monday –Thursday 3:15 to 4:30 with their daily homework. Help tutor a child in specific subject.

• Assist with group activities/serve meals, clean up. Need volunteers Monday- Friday, 3-6pm.

• NJ Food Bank: Pick up food items from the NJ Food Bank in Hillside.

• Bring/Serve a Snack: – Bring a 3:00 or 5:00 snack. If you can help serve the snack to the children-even better!

• Lead Sports & Games- Organize your favorite sport or game with the children at Boonton Recreations gym or our playground.

• Birthday Club: Sponsor a child for his or her birthday on the last Friday of every month. Help set up the cake and play a game with the children.

• Friday Dinners: Bring and/or serve a dish at our new Friday Dinners for children and their families. Dinners will be served at 5:00 p.m.

• Computer Lab Assistance: Are you good with computers. Seeking volunteers to help support our Computer Lab. Supervise children in the lab or help maintain our data bases.

• Clean & Organize – need volunteers from 10am-6pm, to help make The Community After-School Program Center a better place for kids to play and learn. This is a great way to improve the learning environment for the children and make a positive impact on their day-to-day lives.

• Summer Camp Car Wash Fund Raiser will be held 2 weekends in June. Be a volunteer and help send a child to camp!

Thanks To All of Our Wonderful Volunteers

Our generous, caring donors provide the means for our continued operations and we are gratefull for all of their support during the past nine years. Many of our donors are equally generous with their time and talents, and during late spring and throughout the summer graciously invite our students for a swim in their pools and provide drinks and snacks during the outing.

In addition to our donors, we pay tribute and extend our most heartfelt thanks to our many volunteers of all ages who willingly spend their valuable time so critical to our day to day operation. Some volunteers tutor our students as they work on their homework assignments, some provide expert singing instruction, teach martial arts along with the attendent teaching of respect and discipline, some lead arts and crafts classes, many provide one on one guidance and mentoring as with our Junior Mentors, Big Brothers/Big Sisters and Cub Scout volunteers. Many volunteers pitch in on a frequent basis to help us serve snacks, conduct birthday parties clean, paint, repair and maintain our facilities.

Just as we could not operate our after-school and summer camp programs without our donors, we would be unable to provide our high level of quality care and support for our children without our volunteers. Although we express our thanks directly to our volunteers, as they donate their time and energy, on this page we provide a small sampling of just a few of our volunteer activities and services as examples of how you may become one of our valued volunteers in support of our grateful kids.

The sidebar on this page summarizes past and present volunteer programs for which we are so grateful and appreciative.

Our most recent thanks go to:

  • Special thanks to Anna Ho, Girl Scout Troop Coordinator, for introducing our girls in her weekly meetings here at CASP to the activities, events and programs of the Girl Scouts of Northern New Jersey.
  • St. John’s Church for the wonderful picnic at the Tourne Park – especially the cooks; Jim, Jean and Debbie.
  • The First Presbyterian Church and St. John’s for giving us all the essential back to school supplies.
  • Mr. Norman for making us famous on our Web Site – www.CedarhillCDC.org
  • Pat, Albert and Sabina at Morris County Development for making sure we got our funding.
  • Mark and Laura for designing brochures, flyers, newsletters and especially our new logo.
  • Rosemary, for giving us another afternoon at the recreation center. Laura for helping us at the summer camp.
  • Andrew Jennings for spearheading the Tae Kwon Do project.
  • All so many for their generous donations of time, spirit and money.
  • The birthday party people and those who contribute to them.
  • Deb and Peter, Pat and Hanes, Becky, and Sue, Kathleen and Cindy for opening their houses and the hearts of their friends to us.
  • Peter, Andre and the rest of the Scouts for the wonderful walkway on which we will honor special people.
  • Micah for wiring us up, Doug for the new sound system.
  • Zach and Lewis for their work at summer camp.
  • Mayor Cy Welkelski for kicking off our first annual awards ceremony.
  • The Pats, Morton and McElduff for coordinating Big Brothers/Big Sisters. Christine for doing the same thing with BSA.
  • The Cattlets and the Galloways for the use of their pools – a kindness which helped make our summer camp a big success. The splash in the pool is Dick Cattlet executing one of his famous back-flips.

UPS — "One company. One community. It begins with me."

UPS CDC Work Team

Any one driving by Cedar Hill/St. John's on June 25th would have witnessed a mass of human energy, defying the heat and humidity to help the kids from the CDC.

Work Team Painting Benches

Their motto was "It begins with me", and the symbol on their sleeve said "UPS". Thirty-five of these volunteers descended on our property at 8:30 in the morning with tools, refreshments and big smiles. When they left 4 hours later, walls had been stabilized, attics cleaned, porches rebuilt, rooms painted, driveways patched and the Boonton dump filled with the litter of days gone by. The refreshments were gone, but the smiles remained.

Picnic Food

Simultaneously another team of UPSers were at the picnic area with St. John CDC's Director of Programs, Bridget Burke Weiss, preparing for food and games.

About 12 noon, Community After School children, families and friends arrived and were treated to hotdogs, hamburgers and snacks. Following the feast, there were games for one and all.

UPS CDC Picnic Team

The obstacle course drew the most enthusiasm, with the junior mentors and children vying for first place. UPSers served the food and helped make the sweltering day one full of the delights of Summer!!

Many thanks for our UPS volunteers, and for all of the volunteers who have supported us during the past nine school years.

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