In addition to our two major programs: After-School and Summer Camp, we provide additional services for our children's parents through a program called Cornerstone.

These services include informational seminars, basic computer training with a major emphasis on resume preparation, and basic English language instruction for our many parents with English as a second language.

A group of our first students at the main entrance to the CDC.

Inside the church hall looking West.

History & Mission

Our small town of Boonton, with a population of about 8,500 and a rich history dating from the mid 1700's, is located in historic Morris County, less than 30 miles west of New York City. Among the rolling hills and nearby lakes of northern New Jersey, we are surrounded by communities ranked among New Jersey's wealthiest.

Just as many industrial cities have suffered distress from the loss of much of their former industry, Boonton has not recaptured the prosperity that was spawned in the early part of the 20th century with industries such as the world's first molding of organic plastics in 1907 with the introduction of Bakelite.

With the loss of much of its industry and related jobs, Boonton now has a significant population at or below the poverty line. We serve the children of these families in need.

Boonton's once thriving iron works was replaced in the early 1900's by the molded plastics industry which brought new jobs and affluence to Boonton, where products were manufactured from the molded plastic known as Bakelite.

The development of bakelite contributed to the radio and electronics industries being introduced into Boonton. Molded plastic dinnerware, known as Boontonware, also gained national popularity in the 1950's and 1960's

Today, the bulk of Boonton's once thriving manufacturing jobs are gone. In stark contrast to the affluence of neighboring towns, 45% of Boonton's families fall within the very low-income category set by the Department of Housing and Urban Development's (HUD) income guidelines.

The ground-work for Cedar Hill/St. John's CDC was laid by a grass roots call to action, spurred by a commitment to the community and a patent need for an after school haven for children. Originally incorporated in 2000 as St. John's Community Development Corporation, under the leadership of Revrend Stephanie Wethered, our name was changed in 2007 to Cedar Hill Community Development Corporation. The name change more clearly represents our non-denominational, non-religious organization

The first student class was formed in 2001 in facilities rented from St. John's Episcopal church where we still exist today. Kindergarten through 3rd grade students are from Boonton's School Street School which is about a ten minute, escorted walk to the CDC. Our 4th through 6th grade students are from Boonton's John Hill School, which is about a 20 minute, escorted walk to the CDC.

At-risk behaviors are fostered in children during unsupervised, idle time. In 2000, Cedar Hill/St. John's CDC was established to improve the quality of life of Boonton's families by providing affordable after-school care, thus giving peace of mind to parents by ensuring the safety of their children.We are licensed by the New Jersey Department of Youth and Family Services for a maximum of 40 children in our present facility.

The CDC receives the majority of its support from individual donors like you, who contribute directly as well as by attending our four annual fundraising events. We also receive support from local churches and organizations, foundations, the State of New Jersey and a limited number of corporations.

Our mission is to serve our neighbors in need: the low-income residents of the Boonton area, by working with sustained commitment to improve their quality of life in tangible ways.

side entrance to church hall

Please take a few minutes of your valuable time to help our kids from low-income families stay enrolled and thrive in our After-School and Summer Camp programs by making a donation. We don't want our young kids to be aimlessly on their own because their hard working parents cannot afford our program that is so much more enriching than basic child care. We welcome and appreciate donations of any amount.

Help us nurture and mentor the citizens of the next generation by clicking the donate button below. The donation process is administered by the secure PayPal system. You will receive an email receipt and be directed to our thank you page.

If paying by check or money order please make payments payable to Cedar Hill CDC. For your donation our Federal Tax ID is No. 22-3712958). All of us, and especially our 40 grateful children, thank you in advance for your much needed support.

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