We welcome the many new donors this year who have joined our loyal group of donors who have sustained the Cedar Hill CDC for the past ten years.

Without all of your generous support we would be unable to open our doors to a great group of appreciative kids, 35 to 40 kids on average, who depend upon your generosity.

As described in a recent News and Views column by our Program Director, Bridget Burke-Weiss, we recognise with pride our Junior Mentors.

This year completes the cycle in which several of our first after-school graduate students have joined our staff as paid or volunteer Junior Mentors.

In the not too distant future, these young CASP graduates of the Cedar Hill CDC's programs will be among the leading citizens of the next generation. Our hats are off to them and to all of our donors who make it all possible.

These programs for our kids-in-need play a major role in leveling the playing field with their more affluent classmates.

We provide the one-on-one attention, close-knit mentoring, computer and performing arts skills that build self esteem, confidence and the desire to succeed and excel.

Unlike the traditional school, with a new teacher each year, our staff, volunteers and mentors interact daily with our students over a period of years.

These are years of a secure environment with the rich opportunity to grow into the leaders of the next generation on an equal footing with their peers.

Please consider making a donation of any amount you are able to invest in a child's future, by clicking the donate button below to pay by credit card or PayPal on the secure PayPal system.

You will receive a receipt by email for your tax deductible donation to the non-profit Cedar Hill CDC. Our Tax ID Number is: 22-3712958. Thank you.

Executive Director's Welcome

Welcome to Cedar Hill CDC's website, where you will find a great deal of information about us and our 40 children maximum, who attend our After-School and Summer Camp Programs.

For an up to date summary of our first ten years of continuous operation, please read our newly posted 10th Anniversary Newsletter

I said in my last message that it was hard to believe that much time has passed as we celebrate our 10th anniversary of continuous operation.  Until you look at the old pictures of our students and then actually run into them, it seems to be more like yesterday.

Brielle, Amy and Shantel

Amy, Brielle and Shantel
about 7 years ago

3 girls 7 years older

The same girls returned as volunteers last year

In digging through files looking for these old photos, I came across a letter written by one of our first parents, known for the moment by her first name, Deb.

January 18, 2001

“RE:     St. John’s Community Development Center-After School Program

My son, Emmet, has been attending St. John’s after school program since September 2000. I have experienced many child day care centers and after school programs through the years. I am especially comfortable with this one.

Something that really was obvious to me the first day and continues to be evident everyday, is the enthusiasm the coordinators and volunteers express because they are so happy to be with all the children. They actually look forward to new projects, ideas, discussions and interaction with the kids.

It’s a great comfort for any parent to see this.  It’s especially valuable knowing this, as a working parent you need peace of mind. The fact that it is affordable to families is crucial today also. I need that peace of mind, too!

It is obvious to me, each day, as I look around, observe and listen, that a great deal of planning, caring, organizing, time and devotion are invested in this program daily. As a parent, I feel very comfortable discussing any concerns regarding financial issues, my son’s behavior and interactions with others. There is a homework section, crafts/creativity section, computers, educational toys, positive behavior charts and rewards for good behavior.

They are all for the Kids! When my son was sick recently, I was notified immediately. Upon my anxious arrival I was so relieved because he was so well comforted, lying there with blankets and padding, sleeping soundly and thoughtfully separated from the noisy group.
My only wish is that the center had extended hours during the week and that it was open during most holidays. A playground for the children may make this possible!

I’d like to express my utmost gratitude and appreciation to all of you who really give a part of yourself to this cause. It means a lot to us parents!  Thanks, Linda, Carmella, Judy and all the many other staff members and volunteers!



Today Linda, Carmella and Judy and many others have become Bridget, Charlotte, Wendy, Zoraya and many others; St. John’s CDC is now Cedar Hill CDC; The playground is in place, to go along with a computer lab, an art room and a free pass to Boonton Recreation. 

What is the same begins the next to last paragraph in her letters.  The people here are still “all for the Kids” Kids with a capital “K”.