Our Peace Corps Heritage

We are very proud to have our present Executive Director, Tim O'Donnell and his predecessor, Meredith C. Tilp as former Peace Corps Volunteers with both having served in Africa.

We are also proud to have a former Cedar Hill CDC staff member, Rut Mulero currently also serving as a Peace Corps. Volunteer in Africa. This is Ms. Mulero's second tour with the Peace Corps, having first served in the Ukraine after leaving Cedar Hill CDC.

Blogs and Web Links

The links which follow below are to Ms. Tilp's blog and relevant links to websites that she recommends. We have also included Ms. Mulero's link to her blog. We hope that you will find these links both interesting and inspirational. Please return to our web site by clicking your browser's back button after visiting these links.

Meredith Tilp's Blogs and Recommended Web Sites:

Meredith Tilp and friend in Santa Fe

Meredith's Personal Blog

Meredith's Santa Fe School Blog

"Girl Power" You Tube Video

Teens debate issues in Yale Debate Project

Rut Mulero's Blog:

Rut Mulero in Benin, Africa

Rut Mulero's Peace Corps. Blog From Africa