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Thanks Mountain Lakes
High Students & Staff!

Every one of our Cedar Hill students look forward, with great anticipation to their weekly visits with their Big Brothers and Big Sisters.

Your visits are the highlight of their day and you bring them so much joy, companionship and skillful mentoring.

We're proud to accept a link from your school website. We've devoted this page of videos and photographs in your honor, and for our students fond memories.

As many of you know, we are especially grateful to two of your classmates and their friends who prepared and executed outstanding programs as part of their Girl Scout Gold Award projects.

Last year Isabelle Laurenzi conducted an extensive art instruction program for a full semester that culminated in our very successful 1st formal art show.

This summer Gina Tomarchio planned and conducted an exciting Sailing Camp for a number of our students with the help of a number of her classmates.

All of you have created lifelong memories and experiences for our children. They and we are so grateful for your enthusiastic, warm and caring support. We can't thank you enough for volunteering so much of your time and efforts.

Most Recent Event: Sailing Camp Summer 2012

sailing class photo
Sailing Camp project for Gina Tomarchio's Girl Scout Gold Award, with her Mtn. Lakes fellow student instructors and our campers: Kotton Lee, Mylo Lee, Ilana Mina, Bianca Marc (not present), Rashieka Mclean, Derek Plata and Nathaniell Bowen.

Assisting Gina Tomarchio: Sailing counselors: Jon DeWitt, Emily DeWitt, David Graf, Zach Conner, M.E. Roos, Emma Wolkenstein Student Helpers: Emily Eckert, Gwenny Schiller, Jenni Shaw, Danilela Trapani, Harrison Hsiang (guitarist) Adult Helpers: Mrs. Sue Shaw, Mrs. Lisa Shohen (girl scouts), Mrs. Betsy Sullivan (guidance counselor), Mrs. McElduff, Mr. Jay Eveleth, Mrs. Jayne Wolkenstein (sailing)

sailing camp photo sailing camp photo sailing camp photo sailing camp photo sailing camp photo sailing camp photo sailing camp photo sailing camp photo